Our Story

The story behind The Green Door Candle Co.
We have always been guilty of having a passion for Candles and Luxury Home Fragrances, however, (if you're reading this you may agree..) some of the bigger brands happily charge a small fortune for their products. When you enjoy Candles as much as we do, it becomes a very expensive hobby! 
The solution? after trawling the internet for cheaper alternatives and being left less than impressed with the quality, we decided to pour our own, and so; The Green Door Candle Co. was born. 
Originally working from our very own Home Kitchen, we have built an environmentally conscious Candle and Home Fragrance company based in the beautiful rolling hills of rural Devon. 
Our ethos is simple, great quality products that can rival some of the bigger brands at a price that is much more sustainable to you, the most important part of our business, our customers. 

Who are we? 
First and foremost, The Green Door Candle Co. is a family orientated company. Led by our Master Craftswoman, Samantha, the rest of the family, and team all work tirelessly to help bring The Green Door's events, products and presence to life. Our two youngest team members, and chief biscuit eaters, Jamie and Sophia also pitch in and help where ever they can. 

Where are we going?
The support we've received so far has been beyond anything we could have imagined. Whether it be Family and Friends, endorsing feedback, or returning customers, every little thing means so much. It's easy to get carried away, but we're also dreamers, all we can say at this stage is ..'Watch this space!' and watch us grow. 
For now, thank you. your support means the world.